Sierra Roots

Founded in 2011, Sierra Roots is a from-the-heart nonprofit that feeds and clothes people in Nevada City. When Tom Durkin, who had already been recording videos with Sierra Roots guests for a year, came to the board with his proposal for the Sierra Roots/No Place to Go Project, his argument was compelling: Sierra Roots’ goal is to get homeless people housed. Tom’s goal is to legalize safe, affordable, alternative housing because the shortage of housing is causing this homelessness crisis.


                                     SR/NPTG Creative Team

 Tom Durkin – Creative Director

A lifelong social activist, Tom believes in social justice –
and respect – for everyone. A graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in psychology and a dual-major M.F.A. in TV production and screenwriting, Tom’s peripatetic career has ranged from screenwriting to government reporting to investigative journalism to political campaigns to public service documentaries to arts & entertainment interviews to legal/legislative analysis to technical writing and editing. For the last 13 years, he has used his bipolar disorder therapy and lived experience of homelessness to work with and advocate for the people on
the fringes of society.  He brings a lifetime of experience, creativity and passion to the Sierra Roots/No Place to Go Project.

Bob Woods & Juliet Gobert – Musical Directors

Both accomplished singer/songwriters in their own right with their own bands, Bob (Bob Woods Trio featuring Juliet Gobert) and Juliet (The Heifer Belles) will be writing new songs carrying the musical message of the Sierra Roots/No Place to Go Project: Housing for the people by the people.Besides writing and performing down-home country rock, Bob is a first-class lead guitarist who plays with many other bands when he’s not driving steam locomotives. Seriously. He’s a bona fide railroad engineer, and many of his songs are about railroading. He says he sees tracks lined with homeless camps.

Juliet wrote and composed the theme of the Sierra Roots/No Place to Go Project. A self-taught guitarist, Juliet came up through the ranks as a backup singer until she formed her own band, The Heifer Belles, as lead singer and songwriter. Julie also shares leads and songwriting with Bob, both with the Trio and as a duo.

Paul Emery – Recording Engineer and Event Producer

For the last 50 years and still counting, Paul holds the undisputed record of having either performed or produced shows every year in Nevada City at the historic Nevada Theatre, which was founded 1865 and is the oldest, continuously operated theatre venue on the West Coast of the United States. He is producing a special showcase performance with Bob and Juliet and a screening of the No Place to Go documentary for his renowned Nevada City
Live! concert series early next year.