When free enterprise and government can’t, don’t or won’t provide enough housing for all the people in our communities, the people have the right to find their own alternative housing. And if they are living responsibly, they must not be punished, penalized or forced to relocate when there is no place to go.

Likewise, people who rent alternative housing to people must not be punished or penalized if they are providing or hosting dwellings that meet emergency, code-equivalent ,health & safety standards.

Funded by a grant from the Upstate California Creative Corps, the Sierra Roots/No Place to Go Project will do the following:

·         Make a documentary on people who live in homeless camps, vehicles and “desperation” (illegal) housing

·         Write news stories and op-eds for local, regional, state and national news and advocacy media

·         Stage live performances of original music about homelessness and life in desperation housing

·         Train T-shirt volunteers to be “walking talking billboards” for the SR/NPTGP philosophy of “Housing for the people by the people.”

·         Conduct a community survey on public attitudes about homeless/housing solutions

·         Present a town hall with key government, nonprofit and citizen stakeholders

·         Speaking to groups about the SR/NPTG Project

·         As an advocate, work with a consortium of governments to redefine what housing is and suspend zoning regs in favor code-equivalent, no-fee/no-fine compliance enforcement rather than forced relocation.

If you are interested in supporting or volunteering for the Sierra Roots/No Place to Go Project, please sign up here.

If you have questions and concerns, please contact or 530-559-3199

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